Aug 24, 2015 - 09:07 am

Apple, India, DS Automobiles, Trulli.

Brain drain: Apple just hired Jamie Carlson, a former Tesla engineer who has been working on a self-driving technology. According to its LinkedIn profile, Carlson’s role at Apple remains unspecified. Tesla is not the only manufacturers to see its employees join Apple. BMW, Volkswagen and Ford engineers have also been recruited by Apple.

Cost-effective battery technologies for buses: Working with the India Space Organisation (ISRO), the Indian Transport Ministry wants to develop cost-effective battery technologies. The goal is to make electric buses more economically feasible. First results are expected in the six to 12 months.

DS Automobiles announces motor sport division: The new “DS Performance” division will be headed by Yves Matton and support DS Virgin Racing during the upcoming Formula E season. Its engineers developed the DSV-01 racer, with the exception of the motor management system, which was built together with Magneti Marelli. And DS Virgin Racing just unveiled the new livery design for the upcoming season.

Powertrain troubles: It seems the Trulli Formula E team has issues with its Motomatica powertrain developed for the second season and may revert to the previously used Spark SRT_01E. Time is of the essence, with the championship less than two month away.


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