Aug 31, 2015 - 09:48 am

Samsung SDI, FASTINCHARGE, catalyst, pervoskite solar cells.

Samsung SDI will buy battery materials maker Samsung Fine Chemicals for 18.7bn won (15.9m dollars). Founded in 2011 by Samsung Group and Toda Kogyo, Samsung SDI will now hold 72 percent in the joint venture and Toda Kogyo 28%. The former also plans to sell its stake in Samsung BP Chemicals for 81.9bn won (69.4m USD) to invest in its EV battery business.,

EU goes inductive: The EU-funded project FASTINCHARGE announced it developed an easy to operate inductive charging system that i.e. shows how to position the car to charge. It also provides “guidance” throughout the charging process and exchanges charging data with the car. Test are underway in France until the end of October.

Non-precious-metal catalyst: Researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory have developed a fuel cell catalyst that is free of non-precious-metals and has the same performance as platinum catalysts. Platinum is the predominant catalyst in fuel cell systems and makes up about 50 percent of the cost.,

Perovskite solar cells that can be made into a flexible film could be sufficient to recharge an electric car in the not too distant future, say researchers from Case Western Reserve University. Wiring four of the cells to small lithium-ion batteries, they reached a 7.8 percent efficiency.,


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