Sep 3, 2015 - 09:47 am

NEMESIS2+, Tesla, Kahn, TORQ.

Dirty H2: The NEMESIS2+ consortium developed a technology to make hydrogen from diesel and biodiesel. The container-sized prototype system can be integrated into existing infrastructure and even be used to power fuel cell vehicles. Let’s hope this technology will only serve as an emergency solution.

Tesla Roadster update: The promised battery upgrade for Tesla’s first EV is now available. The 70 kWh battery is said to increase range by 35 percent to 530 mi. The upgrade will cost Roadster owners 29,000 dollars, and will also extend the vehicles lifespan.,

New car, old look: British company Kahn Design is developing a two-seat hybrid racer with retro look and aluminium body, called the Speed 7. The company is looking for other British engineering firms to join and fund the undertaking. Kahn expects to unveil the car at the Geneva Motor Show 2016 and says “there’s huge demand” for this vehicle, even though it is for track use only.

Electric off-roader: TORQ has presented its two-seater TORQ VLE electric vehicle. The four-wheeler features a 48-volt AC brushless motor from Advanced Motors and Drives, regenerative breaking and the choice of ‘eco’ and ‘speed’ modus. It is said to be the lightest, fastest and quietest ATV on the market.


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