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Philipp Justus, Friedrich Eichiner, Ian Robertson.

Philipp-Justus“Google does not intend to become a car manufacturer.”

Philipp Justus, Google’s managing director for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, put a damper on rumours that the internet giant plans to take the EV market by storm. The company had just hired former Hyundai CEO John Krafcik to head Google’s autonomous vehicle project.

Friedrich-Eichiner“We don’t think it makes sense to load up cars with hundreds of kilos of battery power in order to get the long ranges. That’s not a solution.”

BMW’s CFO Friedrich Eichiner indirectly commented on concepts presented by Audi and Porsche at the IAA. Eichiner believes that it is more important to reduce the weight of batteries, as well as increasing their capacity.

ian-robertson“We have a number of options that are in the final stages of consideration.”

BMW’s sales chief Ian Robertson says the carmaker is working on a number of new models to join the i sub-brand, adding that the lineup will continue to grow.


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