Tesla, Black & Veatch, Baltimore, ZEV programme, Sri Lanka.

Destination Europe: Tesla announced that its Destination Charger programme will soon arrive on the old continent. Possible locations such as hotels, restaurants, shopping centres or resorts can be summited on the website.

Best in show: U.S. company Black & Veatch says it will take part in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge. There are already 41 chargers at its headquarters near Kansas City, making Black & Veatch one of the region’s top providers of EV infrastructure at the workplace.

Baltimore tests electrification: The city of Baltimore wants to electrify its fleet, leasing four EVs for three years to test the waters. It also installed a DC fast-charger and will look at i.e. financial benefits and at whether charging times affect the work flow. Meanwhile, Baltimore is working to double the number of charging stations (from 20 to 40).

EVs and airports: The U.S. Transportation Ministry earmarked 955,088 dollars for the Zero Emissions Airport Vehicle (ZEV) programme. The bulk of the cash (926,789 dollars) will go to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which is looking to buy an all-electric shuttle bus and install charging infrastructure, including inductive charging stations.
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Charging Sri Lanka: Vehicle importers Wasana Trading Lanka (WTL) says it installed a total of 100 charging spots in the country. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka now offers special electricity tariffs for charging EVs at home during off-peaks, namely at night.
dailynews.lk (WTL), economynext.com (tariffs)


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