Sep 24, 2015 - 09:42 am

RWE, Minnesota, Electric Circuit, West Hill B&B.

Chatty chargers: The University of California, San Diego, has added next-gen chargers supplied by German utility RWE to a running three-year smart grid trial. They feature the 2017 global charger standard (ISO/IEC 15118) and can communicate with the grid in real time. All students have to do is plug and charge the Smart ED.

What makes you charge? That is the question cities in Minnesota ask themselves as they try to find the right price for public charging amid growing EV numbers. For now, the price of one dollar per hour with a base price of three dollars is being discussed.

Canada charged: The city of Val d’Or, Canada, has become part of the Electric Circuit, commissioning of a rapid as well as standard EV charging station. It is the first public fast-charging station in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region and is supported by Nissan-Canada.

Sleep and charge: The West Hill House B&B built in 1850 in Vermont makes its way into the modern age as its two Tesla destination chargers are now powered by the sun. The guest house also accommodates for other EVs with a third 240-volt Level 2 station.


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