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Oct 3, 2021 - 04:19 pm

Midwest states to build up EV infrastructure

In the USA, five Midwest states gave announced that they will work together to increase the deployment of electric vehicle charging stations. Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin will form the Regional Electric Vehicle Midwest Coalition, or “REV Midwest.”



Jul 28, 2021 - 12:39 pm

Minnesota adopts California emissions standards

Minnesota has announced a new policy to adopt California’s stricter tailpipe emissions standards and mandate for automakers to get more zero-emission vehicles onto sales lots. This makes Minnesota the first state in the U.S. American Midwest to do so.

Apr 14, 2020 - 05:40 pm

More US states adopt tighter emission standards

Washington State has become the twelfth state to adopt tighter emissions standards in the face of the new laxer laws brought in by the Trump administration, following the example of California. Four more states are about to do the same.

Sep 11, 2018 - 01:33 pm

Breaking and entering a Tesla Model 3 via app

Running out of battery while on the run can happen to the best of thieves and the longest range EVs. In this case, the thief had disabled the GPS but was tracked whenever he stopped at a Supercharger. But there is more to this case than just an online billing system.



Jul 3, 2017 - 08:19 am

Leeds, Queensland, eMotorWerks, Minnesota.

Electric cab charge: Leeds and neighbouring towns won a bid for 2m pounds in government funding to help install 88 dedicated taxi and private hire charge points. 33 shall be rapid chargers and Leeds will get £745,000 of the total grant through the ULEV Taxi Scheme. The vehicles however, must be acquired by the drivers and cab companies.

The world’s longest EV super highway in one state mark you, is about to unroll in Queensland, Australia, where the first fast-charging station has been inaugurated in Cairn. It forms the beginning of a network that will span from the Gold to the Far North coast and use will be free initially. The Queensland Electric Super Highway is a collaboration between Energy Queensland and several public offices.

Power combined: eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet Solar cloud platform lets owners of PV systems that also happen to have an EV, make the most of their own renewable energy via smart charging. The idea is to maximise self-consumption and thus increase energy savings.

Electric state fleet: 22 Chevy Bolt have joined the ranks of the Minnesota Administration, where the departments of health, education, pollution control, and transportation will use them.

Mar 30, 2016 - 08:13 am

Tesla, MyCars, Minnesota, Hodgson Sayers.

Charging station valets: Tesla’s busy charging stations in California have been outfitted with “attendants.” Officially, these Charging Experience Specialists are supposed to inform and assist users, but some customers report attendants taking over for drivers when stalls are occupied. Moreover, Tesla will soon begin rolling out its Destination Charger programme in Europe. First hotels in Scandinavia are said to have already taken delivery.
electrek.co, electrek.co

Carsharing in the UAE: Early-stage start-up MyCars hopes to bring carsharing to the UAE, using a mixed fleet of EVs and petrol cars. Serious negotiations to procure vehicles are underway, and they expect to utilise 200 cars in Abu Dhabi and Dubai by 2018. If successful, they will also completely electrify the fleet by 2020.

Minnesota legislature: A proposal in Minnesota has gained bi-partisan support to give rebates of up to 2,500 dollars to those who buy or lease a new electric or plug-in car. It would also require public utility companies to create programs for encouraging electric vehicle usage, and to construct charging stations. Incentives would expire in 2021.

Hodgson Sayers: UK building and roofing firm Hodgson Sayers invested 300,000 pounds in a hybrid company car fleet. The company completely overhauled their original fleet, replacing it with eleven plug-in Golf GTes and a Mercedes 350E. In the same spirit, the Gloucestershire police force has taken on seven EVs, and, according to Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl, they won’t be the last.
chroniclelive.co.uk, gloucestercitizen.co.uk

Sep 24, 2015 - 09:42 am

RWE, Minnesota, Electric Circuit, West Hill B&B.

Chatty chargers: The University of California, San Diego, has added next-gen chargers supplied by German utility RWE to a running three-year smart grid trial. They feature the 2017 global charger standard (ISO/IEC 15118) and can communicate with the grid in real time. All students have to do is plug and charge the Smart ED.

What makes you charge? That is the question cities in Minnesota ask themselves as they try to find the right price for public charging amid growing EV numbers. For now, the price of one dollar per hour with a base price of three dollars is being discussed.

Canada charged: The city of Val d’Or, Canada, has become part of the Electric Circuit, commissioning of a rapid as well as standard EV charging station. It is the first public fast-charging station in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region and is supported by Nissan-Canada.

Sleep and charge: The West Hill House B&B built in 1850 in Vermont makes its way into the modern age as its two Tesla destination chargers are now powered by the sun. The guest house also accommodates for other EVs with a third 240-volt Level 2 station.

Feb 3, 2015 - 09:30 am

Hanover, Amman, Lviv, Minnesota, Orlando.

New hybrid buses in Germany: Üstra, Hanover’s public transport authority, has bought seven hybrid articulated buses. The transport company thus stocked up its hybrid fleet to 36, all from Solaris. Another 26 from MAN are to follow in 2015. Üstra will then have replaced about half of its fleet with hybrid buses.
busfahrermagazin.de, uestra.de (articles in German)

Jordan to get electric cabs: Al Moumayaz Taxi in the Jordan capital Amman plans to replace 400 cabs with 300 hybrid and 100 electric cars successively. The taxi company is a contractor of the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) that welcomes the move and just extended the company’s contract.

Ukrainian electric cabs: Start-up Shooter.ua has started an electric taxi service in Lviv with cheaper tariffs for electric rides. The project in the Western-Ukranian city uses four Renault Fluence Z.E. in a move to showcase the technology. The company also plans to install infrastructure.

Low cost EV charging: Minnesota’s largest utility provider Xcel Energy plans to offer a 43% discount to consumers that charge their EVs at night. Via a separate electric meter, energy would cost 3.3 cents per kWh. If the rate is approved by state regulators, the tariff could be rolled out in about six months.

Three Nissan Leaf have joined an existing electric fleet of the city of Orlando, which now has a total of six electric cars marking a long-term commitment to sustainable transport, according to officials.

Jun 16, 2014 - 08:11 am

Hertz, Vienna, Minnesota, E-Bike region Stuttgart.

Hertz joins Zem2All: The rental car company has announced its cooperation with Spanish utility provider Endesa in Spain’s demonstration project Zem2All (Zero Emissions Mobility To All). Hertz will rent out the Nissan Leaf from its stations in Malaga and the city’s airport. The Zem2All initiative has rolled out 160 charge points and electric vehicles in Malaga with another 40 being in the pipeline.
autorentalnews.com, puregreencars.com

Electric carsharing for Vienna: Porsche Holding Salzburg announced its plan to roll-out electric carsharing in the Austrian capital. Within the coming weeks, the company will make several VW E-UPs available to students taking part in the ‘Campus Carsharing’ project. By 2015, Europe’s biggest car dealer wants to extend the rental service to all Viennese.
krone.at (in German)

Discount during off-peak hours: Minnesota is the first state in the U.S. to make it compulsory for investor-owned utilities to offer customers discounted rates when charging their EV outside peak hours (4pm – 8pm). The energy companies have time until next year to adjust their tariffs.
transportevolved.com, green.autoblog.com

E-Bike region Stuttgart: Five counties around the south-German city of Stuttgart have now put together a 400-kilometres track specifically designed for pedelecs. Along the signposted and rather hilly e-bike path, rental stations, workshops and charging stations can be found. The region is hoping to accommodate and attract for the ever-growing segment of electric bicycle travellers.
e-bike-region-stuttgart.de (website in German)

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