Sep 25, 2015 - 08:48 am

Brose, Chevy Volt, Bosch, UT Austin.

Brose bike vision: Brose is taking its expertise further into the bike business, presenting the Visionsbike at the IAA. Its electric motor is fully integrated and the pedelec’s handlebars and saddle move electrically to either position the rider perfectly or to prepare the bike for compact storage. (video)

Chevy-Volt-2016New Chevy Volt details: When designing the new generation Chevy Volt, GM developers were ask to make it more of electric car, since that is what customers used it as. It still has a rage extender, but its two electric motors make it more dynamic. And a stronger battery allows for a longer all-electric range.

Bosch pushes batteries: Following its acquisition of Seeo (we reported), Bosch is ready to take Li-ion batteries to the next level. The German company hopes to release a solid-state battery that doubles the range of electric cars by 2020, as Seeo already has sample cells of this technology.

Cathode for sodium-ion: A research team at the University of Texas, Austin have found a new cathode material made of the nontoxic and inexpensive mineral eldfellite. It could be the missing link in the quest for a commercially viable sodium-ion battery, as the cathode offers structural stability.


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