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EV production in Thailand: The South-East Asian country and Japan are negotiating a deal that would turn Thailand into a manufacturing hub. Toyota for example is willing to start building hybrids and more surprisingly EVs here, but only if the Thai government starts to install charging infrastructure first.

2017 Mercedes E Class: Renderings of Daimler’s next-gen E Class were published by German Auto Bild. The model is expected to debut in Detroit 2016 and will most likely feature mild-hybrid tech in nearly all petrol and diesel variants. PHEVs are planned as well with electric motor output from 75 to 120 kW., (original source in German)

Electric double-decker: GreenPower sold the presumably first all-electric double decker bus in North America to EV Power for more than a million dollars. Delivery of the EVC550 is set for mid 2016. Its 400-kWh batteries translate to 240 miles range while the electric bus can carry up to 125 passengers.

IEEV 2015

Bike bargain: Spanish Volta Motorbikes is asking less than 10,000 euros for its electric models BCN City and BCN Sport (9,065 and 9,771 euros). The bikes’ motor delivers 25 kW and peaks at 33 kW. Weighing 135 kilos, both electric bikes include a 4-kW battery pack that lasts for 70 kilometres. (in Dutch), (company’s website)

10m dollars before the month’s end or else it is bankruptcy for Smith Electric Vehicles. The electric truckmaker has informed investors about its desperate need for cash. Smith EVs has a history of funding gone foul as both the UK and the Obama administration plus various investors chipped in before.

Ireland to go green: The Emerald Isle will spent 94.9m pound (144m dollars) in an attempt to become energy efficient. Apart from investments in renewables and upgrades to homes, electric transport incentives will receive some funding as well.


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