Matthias Mueller, Gareth Dunsmore, Shunsuke Fushiki.

Matthias-Mueller“Our competitors are waiting for us to fall behind technologically, because we are spending all our time focusing on ourselves. But we aren’t going to do them that favour.”

VW’s new CEO Matthias Mueller says the company will be able to recover from the emissions scandal and sees “a good chance of shining again in two to three years.”

Gareth-Dunsmore“We can’t build an electric GT-R today. But do I want to? I’d love to.”

Nissan’s European EV Director Gareth Dunsmore hints that a future GT-R could also go completely electric, saying that he “can’t see a technical reason why we wouldn’t be able to implement electric vehicle technology in something like a performance vehicle.”

anonym“For a long time our dream has been to catch up with the diesel efficiency. We’ve been successful in achieving this.”

Shunsuke Fushiki, a Toyota engineer for hybrid vehicles, refers to the new Prius engine which has a thermal efficiency of more than 40 percent, a key to fuel economy and on par or better than diesel engines.


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