The future is electric.

Back to the future I: Meet MARTY, who has not come back to us from the 80’ies but is a rather recent member of our society. The brainchild of Stanford University and Renovo Motors is an electric DeLorean, that also drives and drifts autonomously. So what about time travel? via,,

Back to the future II: Toyota is taking its very own take on the future as it literally suggests the Mirai FCV as the car of choice if Marty McFly and the professor would arrive from the future today. Actually, they did get the movie stars to attend a special edition of Fueled by… via

Back to the future III: Toyota proves to be a big fan of the cult movie (or maybe an avid follower of recent Tesla developments) as it equips the Mirai with gullwing doors. So far, the winged fuel cell vehicle remains a visionary single piece.


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