Montreal, Seoul, Okinawa, BienVEnu, ALD Automotive.

City charging network: Montreal moves its electrification efforts ahead as it plans a 1000-strong EV charging network by 2020. The first 106 chargers at on-street parking spots shall stand by next spring.

Electric car sharing in Seoul: Renault Samsung delivers 50 SM3 ZE to the Korean capital’s EV sharing project Gcar Sharing. If reception is good, Seoul will see 1,000 electric cars for hire by 2018. Already a fleet of 40 SM3 ZE serves as taxis in the city (we reported)., (in French)

Toyota EV for tourists: 30 COMS will go on trial on the Japanese island of Okinawa in January 2016. The ultra-compact EVs will be available to hire at hotels and sightseeing sites and include an app that guides tourists along trails no car or bike could comfortably go.

Residential charging: The French BienVEnu project will install about 100 electric vehicle charging in apartment blocks over three years and include EV sharing. ERDF and seven partners receive 10 million euros from the French agency for environment and energy control (Ademe).

Hybrid fleet: ALD Automotive has taken delivery of 50 Mercedes hybrids. Over 30 C- and E-Class hybrids will serve in its own internal fleet with the remainder added to PoolFleet to lease to customers.


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