Nov 13, 2015 - 08:34 am

GM, Ford, flying EV.

GM joins the army: The U.S. military looks to include fuel cell vehicles by General Motors in its arsenal. Apparently, GM signed a “multi-year” contract has been signed to supply the armed forces with an all-terrain fuel cell reconnaissance vehicle. Further details are expected next week.,

SOC projection: Ford will use so-called puddle lights to indicate the state-of-charge of electric vehicles on the ground; at least that is what a freshly filed patent says. The enlightening measure is designed to let EV drivers know how much more juice is needed, even if the vehicle is turned off.,,

Flying EV: Researchers from Turkish Gelişim University and Nagasaki University in Japan plan to unveil an airborne car. It will be based on the yet to be presented Gelişim-1 and is said to work like a helicopter to overcome dense Istanbul traffic. Yet, the dream only flies with petrol so far.


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