Scott Keogh, Xiaoqing Hu.

Scott-Keogh“When you look at what needs to happen and you look at what we see happening in the marketplace, we’re probably looking at a world where 25 percent of Audi’s sales, over the next ten years, just to throw out a rough point in the future, are either going to be full electric or have some plug. This is the reality as we see it.”

Audi of America president Scott Keogh may blend wishful thinking with necessity, but his vision is surely worth spreading and maybe even expanding. He puts his hopes in the production version that will follow the e-tron Quattro concept.

anonym“Looking back the development of China’s auto industry, there has never been a really successful high-end domestic auto brand, most of them are just stuck with low-end products and low-end markets. Denza will pioneer its own way and become a domestic EV brand that could proudly represent China.”

Xiaoqing Hu, Marketing Director at Denza, wants to position the brand as the Daimler of China, adding that Denza values quality more than sales. It surly got all the Benz genes inherited from its JV partner.


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