Tesla, fuel cell research, Lightning Hybrids, Linear Technology.

Extremely little drag: Tesla is pushing aerodynamics of its Model 3, aiming for a drag coefficient below 0.20, Electrek reports. This is in the realm of ultra aerodynamic cars like VW’s XL 1 or GM’s EV 1. To reduce the drag, Tesla may look into losing the side mirrors and channelling air smarter.

Fuel cell research: The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced a new funding opportunity for hydrogen and fuel cell technology. Up to 35 million dollars will be made available. Details will follow in about three week’s time.
greencarcongress.com, grants.gov

Hydraulic hybrid for heavy duty: Lightning Hybrids presented its Energy Recovery System (ERS) for trucks and buses in Mexico. The battery-less ERS applies a hydraulic system to recuperate braking energy, which is then used during acceleration. Lightning Hybrids says its can retrofit all vehicles.

Battery control: Linear Technology introduced the LTC6811 high voltage battery stack monitor. It is a complete battery measuring IC for hybrid and electric vehicles, said to measure up to 12 series-connected battery cell voltages with 0.04 percent accuracy.


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