Nov 20, 2015 - 08:11 am

GM, Daymak, Sendyne, Efacec.

GM and the Army update: Details have emerged on GM’s fuel cell cooperation with the U.S. Army. The vehicle to be tested is a Chevrolet Colorado Pickup that now runs on fuel cells. The agreement between the American carmaker and the military is to last several years.,,

Canadian-Daymak-EC1Carbon e-bike: Canadian Daymak presented its EC1 at the EICMA in Milan. The pedelec made from carbon will cost 1,899 dollars, a competitive price in both in the e-bike and carbon bicycle sector. It is even cheaper for kickstarter supporters (799 USD). The Electric Carbon One features a 24V battery and front hub motor. The latter can be replaced by a non-motorised wheel included in the price., (campaign)

Balanced batteries: Sendyne successfully applied for a patent for its new active cell balancing topology. It allows any cell in a pack to charge any other cell in a pack with maximum efficiency and minimal operational losses, so the cells reach a common state-of-of charge.

Efacec to go wireless: The Portuguese firm licensed Qualcomm Halo inductive EV charging technology. Efacec plans to commercialise efficient and interoperable wireless charging solutions based on Qualcomm’s technology for hybrid and electric vehicles.


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