Nov 27, 2015 - 08:31 am

Local Motors, BIPoLplus, Ono Bikes, Green Ride.

Local-Motors-Reload-Redacted-SwimEV upcycling: For Local Motors, updates are recycling. The firm plans to offer customers to renew their 3D-printed car by melting the old one down and use the material to print a new model. The hardware might still require a more oldschool update and will need to be replaced.,

On point: A new method developed and patented by Stuttgart University’s BIPoLplus project allows electric cars to be parked above inductive charge pads more accurately. A low frequency magnetic field avoids interfering interactions with the metallic underbody of the EV and thus enables exact positioning.

Electric custom chopper: The Serbia-made Archont electro is a hand-built electric bike with chopper aesthetics. The e-bike features a 7 kW rear electric hub motor and has a range of up to 60 miles – more, if you pedal. Ono Bikes is taking pre-orders for about 7,094 dollars a piece.

Self-folding e-scooter: Israeli Green Ride will introduce the Inu in New York and Europe next year. The small electric scooter folds itself electrically and can be charged at home for a 25-mile range. The prototype is limited to a top speed of 15 kmh. Made for the last mile, a 4,000-dollar price tag may be a bit hefty.


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