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UK, Bogota, Dundee City Council, Merseytravel.

UK EV policies: British government has earmarked 600m pounds to promote the uptake and manufacturing of electric vehicles until the next decade. If that means that i.e. if the plug-in car grant will be extended beyond February 2016 has not been addressed in detail yet.,

Electric bus for Bogota: BYD enters Columbia with a custom model that will enter the Transmilenio public transport of Bogota in the next two weeks. It will replace an ageing fleet of diesel vehicles. Medellin also voiced interest in the 12 and 18 meter Chinese electric buses.

Long-term EV fleet effects: Dundee City Council managed to decrease CO2 emissions by 30 percent since 2012, adding 30 electric Peugeot iON. The electrification saved 36,750 pounds on fuel costs. The EVs are used by 300 drivers and the Scottish municipality says Peugeot “exceeded expectations.”

Electric transport maintenance: Liverpool’s public transport authority Merseytravel added three Nissan e-NV200 to its 40-strong fleet that also includes a Leaf. The electric vans will be used by transport workers charged with the task of keeping the British city moving.,


CoperionCoperion technology for continuous production of battery materials. Reliable process technology solutions that secure a consistently high product quality: The ZSK twin screw extruders, the components and the gravimetric feeders from Coperion and Coperion K-Tron are specifically designed for toxic and hard-to-handle materials in continuous production processes.

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