Dec 8, 2015 - 09:25 am

Rupert Stadler, Eric Feunteun, Zhou Zhengyu.

rupert-stadler“We foresee more BEVs because the charging infrastructure will grow significantly in the next three to four years. The battery technology is improving substantially, and the cost per kilowatt is coming down to a level where it makes sense to push [for BEVs], at least in the premium sector.”

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler says the VW subsidiary will stick to its course and continue to focus more on the premium business segment. That includes introducing a battery-powered SUV by 2018.

Eric-Feunteun“We expect to double electric vehicle range by 2020.”

Eric Feunteun, EV Programme Director at Renault, says that range anxiety will soon be off the table for most drivers and then there will be no more excuse not to drive electric. He sees electrification of the transport sector as key to curbing climate change.

Zhou-Zhengyu“We are looking into the possibility of a congestion fee in certain areas.”

Beijing transport commission director Zhou Zhengyu hints that the Chinese capital could follow in the footsteps of i.e. London, charging for the use of the city’s roads. The goal is to reduce traffic and therefore congestion and smog.


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