Dec 16, 2015 - 09:31 am

SafeAdapt, Rinspeed, autonomous driving, Hong Kong.

Correction while running: SafeAdapt is working on a software designed to auto-adjust disruptions during ongoing operation of electric vehicles (Fail-Operational). The EU project is said to enter the testing stage with a prototype vehicle and driving simulator by mid 2016. The vehicle is a Roding sportscar equipped with Siemens’ RACE E/E architecture. (in German), (project’s website)

Rinspeed-Etosi8 based concept: Swiss Rinspeed delivers an update of its self-driving Σtos hybrid. New pictures reveal the concept car that is due to be presented at CES in Vegas in January (we reported).

Automated EV testing: Nevada now allows automated driving tests, which both Hyundai and Kia will take advantage of. Kia will put automated driving features of its Soul EV to the test, while Hyundai trials self-driving Tuscon Fuel Cell cars. Kia plans to introduce partially driverless features by 2020. (Soul EV), (Tuscon FCV)

Prototype in flames: Hong Kong’s first electric bus caught fire over weekend. A short circuit in the prototype’s batteries has been blamed but the investigation is still ongoing. The locally designed bus had just passed road tests and was supposed to go into operation (we reported).,

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