Jan 5, 2016 - 09:35 am

Rupert Stadler, Elmar Degenhart, OPEC.

rupert-stadler“A significant proportion of our investment is naturally in the field of alternative drive systems.”
Audi CEO Rupert Stadler announced that the manufacturer will invest some 3bn euros in 2016, focusing on alternative drivetrains and hiring new experts in the field of future technologies.

Elmar-Degenhart“The diesel passenger car could sooner or later disappear from these markets.”

Continental CEO Elmar Degenhart says VW’s dieselgate could bear fruits in North America, Japan and China, where diesel cars only hold a small percentage of the market share. He contradicts the company’s financial chief who said last month that the scandal will most likely not impact sales.

OPEC-Logo100“Without a technology breakthrough, battery electric vehicles are not expected to gain significant market share in the foreseeable future.”

OPEC believes (or should we say ‘hopes’) that by 2040, some 94 percent of cars will still run on petrol. That includes hybrids. And by keeping oil prices low, OPEC is doing everything it can to make that dream come true…


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05.01.2016 09:17