Panasonic, Apple, BMW, Zar.

Tesla-GigafactoryMore money for the Gigafactory: Panasonic announced that it will invest between 1.5 to 1.6bn dollars in Tesla’s Gigafactory. The Japanese had previously promised to give as much as one billion dollars.,,

Apple car domain: Apple has registered the domains,, and, fueling rumours that we will at one point see an iCar. Another plausible reason could be that the sunrise period for these domains started early December and the company wanted to protect its brand.,,, (Sunrise period)

EV unmasks bumper: BMW premiered another useful feature at the CES. The “Bumper Detect” systems activates a camera when a (parked) car gets hit, filming those responsible and sending the images to the car owner’s smartphone.

Electric scooter for the carry-on: The supposedly smallest and lightest electric scooter worldwide is called Zar and is looking for cash via crowdfunding. The Zar is foldable, weighs four kilos and can go 20 km on one charge. The scooter is now available for 300 dollars and will later sell for 500 dollars.


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