India, Bristol, E-Car Club, Fred Meyer.

Leading by example: Government officials in India might soon drive only electric. A proposal by the Department of Heavy Industries for a pilot project will see ministries buy and hire electric vehicles and will first kick off in Delhi. The state will also cover costs that exceed those of petrol- or diesel-powered vehicles.

Hybrid buses in Bristol: Two hybrid buses will go into service in the British city, only one year after Bristol won a 1m pound grant by the UK government. The buses switch into electric mode via geo fencing GPS technology in areas with heavy air pollution, while the diesel engine only serves to charge the batteries in areas with better air quality.,

East London electric: The E-Car Club has set up shop in Bow and Poplar, close to London’s financial centre Canary Wharf. The Renault Zoe and Fluence can be hired for 5.50 GBP an hour.

ICEing prohibited: Anti-ICEing laws has gone into effect in both Oregon and Illinois. In the latter U.S. state, combustion engine cars blocking a charge spot can be fined up to 100 dollars and may be towed. Oregon charges non-chargers a maximum of 250 dollars.

Shop & Charge: Fred Meyer stores in Oregon are setting up a chain of fast-charging CCS stations. Pricing currently stands at 0.15 dollars per kWh, meaning a BMW i3 could be charged up to 80 percent for less than three dollars and in under 45 minutes.


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