California, BlueIndy, Nissan, Canadian Electric Circuit.

EV charging infrastructure: California will get another 1,500 EV charging stations as state regulators approved a 22m dollar initiative by Southern California Edison. If successful, the utility aims at expanding the programme to include 30,000 EV chargers. The stations will be erected at workplaces, fleet facilities, multi-unit dwellings, parks and shopping malls. Participants will own as well as operate the charging stations.,

BlueIndy rolls: The number of BlueIndy members has doubled since November, now including some 1,000 people. Since the start of electric carsharing in Indianapolis last September, the fleet grew from 50 to 120 EVs and Bolloré hopes to expand its fleet to include 500 EVs and have 200 stations. 20 more will be installed by the end of February.,

No Charge to Charge expands: Nissan brings its EV charging scheme to New York, Philadelphia and Santa Barbara. Leaf drivers in those cities will thus be able to charge their EV complimentary for two years. The scheme is also available in i.e. LA.., Denver, Atlanta, and Chicago., (eligible chargers)

Charge by the hour: On top of its flat fee, the Canadian Electric Circuit network will introduce an hourly rate at its 240V EV charging stations from February. Partners can choose which service is most suitable for its customers with tariffs starting at 2.50 dollars per session or 1 dollar per hour billed by the minute.


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