Nick Rogers, Josh Tavel.

Nick-Rogers“We are working with a number of partners on the future of electrification including Warwick University, battery suppliers and of course our long-term partners Williams. We will have our engineers embedded with Williams from the start and our innovations will directly affect future Jaguar Land Rover vehicles.”

Nick Rogers, Jaguar Land Rover’s Group Engineering Director, on the firms entry into the Formula E series. Williams is already a partner off the tracks and will join JLR’s racing endeavour.

Josh-Tavel“We’re still figuring out how fast we want to go. We’ve over validated a lot of our components just in case, but were still figuring out if we want to limit it to say, 50kW’s or 60kW’s or possibly higher. That decision hasn’t been made yet but I can promise it won’t be lower than 50kW.”

Chevrolet Bolt EV Chief Engineer Josh Tavel muses on the Bolt’s DC fast-charging capabilities. His approach seems a bit conservative considering Tesla currently charges at 100 kW, while BMW and Audi are working on a 150 kW system.


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