TÜV Süd, Colorado River Discovery, Siemens.

Mercedes-GLE-Plug-in-HybridPHEV lifecycle analysis: TÜV Süd took a closer look at the Mercedes GLE 500e PHEV. While CO2 emission during the plug-in hybrid’s production is about one fourth higher than for the ICE, savings over the course of 155,000 miles drop emissions nearly 37% under the EU electricity mix.
insideevs.com, media.daimler.com (lifecycle analysis)

Electric raft: Colorado River Discovery has entered the final testing stage of its electric raft. If all goes well, the company will take tourists up and down the Colorado River in Arizona this summer. The raft is charged hydroelectrically at its own charging station and was funded by a share of each guest’s fee.

Siemens EV platform: Siemens CT NTF RACE is developing electronic architecture for electric cars. Standardised hardware is combined with the PikeOS Hypervisor, which enables different software functions. The computing architecture is designed for electric cars made by Deutsche Post subsidiary StreetScooter.


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