Audi + Porsche, Maven, Pod Point, Nissan, Schneider Electric, Luxe.

Audi and Porsche fast-charger: Both VW brands are looking at building their own rapid-charge network, German Wirtschaftswoche reports. “We will need to,” said Volkswagen CEO Matthias Müller, but left open if Porsche and Audi would go at it alone or as a consortium. Fast-charging infrastructure will be needed if the new performance models go ahead as planned. (in German)

GM carsharing: GM has bundled it mobility offers under the name Maven. The city-based carsharing app will first be made available in Michigan. The brand will also see the expansion of GM’s peer-to-peer carsharing offers in Berlin and Frankfurt. The move is said to keep up with companies like ZipCar and Uber and the Bolt would surely be a most suitable EV for sharing purposes.,

Canny charge initiative: Pod Point offered the boroughs of London to replace all broken charge points for free with the company’s own Open Point Charge POD. Pod Point even started a petition asking for support. Mind you, the subsequent maintenance agreements are part of the deal., (petition)

Leaf-to-Home: Nissan showcased the V2G capability of its electric vehicles in Davos. Visitors were greeted with hot chocolate, cooked on a stove powered by the Leaf battery. The Leaf-to-Home system has been available in Japan since 2012. At COP21, Nissan announced a partnership with ENEL to offer the technology in Europe as well.

Charging at home even if you live in a multi-tenant building will soon be possible as Schneider Electric and EverCharge enter into a global collaboration. Schneider Electric will deliver the charging equipment, while EverCharge’s technology allocates power according to the needs of EVs and building infrastructure.

Tesla valet service: Luxe has become the EV maker’s latest partner. The valet-parking app will offer parking and charging services to Tesla drivers, as well as car wash and drive home services. A pilot is running in New York and San Francisco.,,,


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