Jan 27, 2016 - 09:17 am

Apple car Nimbus Boats Sweden, Cargo sous terrain, UQM.

Hiring freeze for project Titan? Just yesterday we reported that head developer Steve Zadesky left the Apple-car team. Now AppleInsider has learned that the technology giant stopped hiring for the project all together, after design chief Jony Ive left as well. He was allegedly unhappy with the project’s slow progress.

Zero emission yacht premiers: A collaboration between Nimbus Boats Sweden and electric motor manufacturer Torqeedo (we reported) is bearing fruits. The two showed off their all-electric Nimbus 305 Coupé E-power at the ongoing boat trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany. The yacht can already be ordered.
boot.de (in German)

Logistical SiFi: Swiss cargo transport is said to go underground as part of the project “Cargo sous terrain.” Unmanned electric vehicles will transport goods through tunnels on inductive rails. The first stretch will be completed by 2030 and will reach from Geneva to St. Gallen. Partners to the project include Coop, Migros, Swisscom, Post, SBB and Mobiliar.
srf.ch, derbund.ch (articles in German)

Electrified airplane tugs: Swedish Kalmar Motor announced that it will begin production orders for UQM’s PowerPhase HD220, a heavy-duty electric traction motor that delivers 200 kW peak. Kalmar will use it to fit its TBL50 airplane tugs.
greencarcongress.com, businesswire.com


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