Feb 3, 2016 - 09:20 am

China, fuel cell airplane, Powerwall, NanoFlowcell.

Chinese protectionism: China’s government will only subsidise LFP or lithium-ion-phosphate batteries adopted by Chinese companies such as BYD. That is bad news for Korean LG Chem and Samsung, whose batteries use nickel-manganese-cobalt (NCM) and who both invested in facilities in China. The government sites safety reasons for the move, as NCM batteries require more advanced packaging than most Chinese firms can handle.
koreaherald.com, koreatimes.co.kr

Fuel cell taxiing: EasyJet is to start trials with a fuel cell plane. If successful, the low-cost airline hopes to cut kerosene use by up to 35,000m dollars per year, as is would enable jets to taxi using hydrogen. The plane uses a fuel cell system fitted in the hold and was developed together with Cranfield University.
reuters.com, theguardian.com, engadget.com

Powerwall 2.0: Elon Musk announced the arrival of an updated Powerwall and says it will increase performance of the stationery storage. Apart from saying that the 2.0 version is due this summer, the Tesla CEO did not go into further detail.
gizmodo.com, treehugger.com

Flowcell update: NanoFlowcell will present a closer to production version of its Quant F sports car in Geneva together with the Quantino. The latter will also be shown in a “near standard” configuration and NanoFlowcell is considering a small-batch production run if testing is successful.


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