Feb 5, 2016 - 09:16 am

Renault, Venturi, Sumitomo, ATC.

2nd life at Renault: EV batteries will become useful after retiring from powering an EV. Renault cooperates with Connected Energy to supply stationery storage units. E-STOR technology will be offered as 50 kW version by July, while the companies have promised later versions with higher capacity.

Rocket-like record ahead: Venturi plans to set a new speed record on land, aiming to surpass 600 kph or 372 mph. The 3,000 hp electric Venturi Buckeye Bullet (VBB-3) was developed together with the Ohio State University Center for Automotive and will take off this summer.

Driving demand: Japanese battery makers like Sumitomo or Central Glass are ramping up production of Li-ion batteries as demand is expected to grow considerably. Sumitomo looks to double production of anode material deemed particularly safe and also eyes the U.S. market.

Electric tractors: American ATC presents a retro-fit option for tractors. The electrification serves as platform for autonomous farming with self-driving tractors. In Ukraine, too, electric tractors are becoming more common. Local produce model Edison sold out in a month.
farmindustrynews.com (USA), itsukraine.com (Ukraine)


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