NASA, model car, Manz, Tesla.

Electric passenger plane: NASA is looking to launch an electric aircraft called Sceptor (Scalable Convergent Electric Propulsion Technology and Operations Research) by 2019. The concept is said to be able to hold up to nine passengers. They would be carried by a 500 kW electric motor integrated into an experimental wing.

Out of the woods comes this model car developed by Swedish Innventia, Swerea and KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Its roof is made from carbon-fibre sourced from softwood lignin. The same light-weight material was used for the electrode of the Li-ion battery. Lignin could become available by 2024.,

German SME to help build batteries: Manz says it received a multi-million euro order to build machines for making large Li-ion batteries. The machines will be mainly delivered to Europe, Asia, and the U.S., and Manz relates the growth to electric transport.

Metal that matches Model 3: Prices of rare materials essential for EV batteries, such as nickel, cobalt, aluminium and cooper, continue to drop. Good news for Tesla, as it brings the EV maker closer to its goal of offering its upcoming economy EV, the Model 3, at a lower price than the rest of the line-up.


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