Feb 18, 2016 - 09:33 am

Elon Musk, Ian Robertson.

Elon-Musk-Twitter“I think I could see us doing advertising where the ad is interesting, entertaining and people don’t regret seeing it, which unfortunately is not the case with most advertising.”

Basically Tesla is to further refrain from advertising if we follow the logic of Elon Musk. Not that the EV maker needs advertising with bloggers and vloggers providing promotion deliberately and without even getting a discounted Model S or X for it.

ian-robertson“Good cars alone are not enough. In our view, government incentives would be helpful in stimulating the market for electric mobility. The scrapping bonus in 2009 shows that these tools work.”

BMW sales chief Ian Robertson keeps calling on governments, particularly the German one, to introduce EV incentives as otherwise he believes Germany’s “stated goal of having 1 million electric vehicles on the road in 2020 is probably not feasible.”


Found on electrive.com
18.02.2016 09:35