CityLog EMF, eTwinster, Pipistrel, Cadillac.

CityLog-EMFInner city vehicle: Austrian transport specialists HET Engineering will test a second prototype of its CityLog EMF in Austria this year. The fuel cell powered car is small enough to navigate narrow and congested streets. While it is currently designed for deliveries only, it could be repurposed to transport people. A first prototype hit the road in 2010.

eTwinster technology: GKN is showing off its new electric torque vectoring technology in northern Sweden. The plug-in module makes it easier for platforms to offer electric all-wheel drive and torque vectoring by combining eAxle technologies with twin-clutch torque vectoring technology. The eTwinster could be programmed and integrated for production within the next three years.,

Pipistrel power tests: The Slovenian aircraft maker Pipistrel kicked off a test series of its Hypstair hybrid-electric powertrain, which combines a battery and turbonormalized engine-driven generator. The project involves work from MBVision, the Universities of Pisa and Maribor, as well as Siemens, who supplied the electric drive system. It is also supported by a European Union Technological Research Program.

“Fun-to-drive” CT6: Cadillac revealed the technical details of the latest addition to its line-up. The PHEV has a combined system power of 335 kW and goes from 0-100 kph in 5.6 seconds. It has an all-electric range is estimated at over 60 km with an all-electric top speed of 125 kph. Cadillac says its new car was not only designed to be efficient, but also “fun to drive.”


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