Eric Feunteun, Klaus Froehlich, Carlos Ghosn.

Eric-Feunteun“If you ask somebody if they want a larger range the answer is, of course, yes. Then when you move from emotion to facts, and you have a choice between 100 and 200 miles, and the cars with difference prices, the reaction becomes more rational.”

Eric Feunteun, Head of Renault Electric Vehicles, says the French carmaker is looking to follow Tesla’s and Nissan’s example and offer its EVs with different battery sizes.

Klaus-Froehlich“Going forward we will sell electric drivetrains. We see many smaller manufacturers who cannot afford to develop a plug-in hybrid.”

BMW R&D chief Klaus Froehlich explains that the manufacturer will begin licencing out its technology, as it shifts its focus from hard- to software and as horsepower is becoming less important than the intelligence of a vehicle.

Carlos-Ghosn“If you don’t have charging stations everywhere, you cannot have a mass-market product.”

Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn says that while the autonomy of electric cars has to increase to appeal to consumers, charging infrastructure needs to be developed further to counter range anxiety.


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