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Positive outlook: LG Chem expects its battery business for cars to increase by 70 percent this year, earning the company 1.2 trillion won (1bn dollars) in sales this year. It therefore estimates that the segment will pass the break-even point this year, allowing it to post profit for a full fiscal year by 2017. Growth is driven by soaring orders from the U.S., Europe and China.

Vejo-Projekta-Dancer-BusLight-weight electric bus: Lithuanian Vėjo Projektai presented the all-electric Dancer Bus that is almost 60 percent lighter than other models. Its chassis is made from transparent composite materials, and it is fuelled by wind energy. Based on a Skoda TR14, the Dance Bus’s translucent panels are designed to display data at night.
designboom.com, vimeo.com (Video)

Electric trike swings off production lines: Govecs kicked off pre-production of its Sway trike at its facility in Poland. Presented at CES 2014, the Sway is able to tilt. Sales will begin this summer, with a small battery version (3 kWh) costing 7,500 dollars and a 4.5 kWh battery for 11,000 dollars.

Safe charging with smart grid: Bender presents the Smart Grid Charge Controller CC611 and CC612, which are compatible with all EVs currently on the market as they support OCPP 1.5. The firm further launches the residual current monitor RCMB121-1b that detects AC or DC faults in EV charging stations.
firmenpresse.de: Smart Grid Charge Controllers, Current Monitor

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Most clicked link on Wednesday was the topless LaFerrari called Spider. If it will ever be made, only an exclusive circle of 150 – 200 Ferrari fans will be able to get one.


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