Mar 11, 2016 - 09:42 am

Hyperloop, Electric GT World, Tracked Electric Vehicle, Audi.

Hyperloop in Slovakia? Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and the government of Slovakia agreed to look into the feasibility of building the high-speed Hyperloop in the Eastern European country. It could connect the biggest cities there, as well as go as far as Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary, making it a three-country Hyperloop system that transports passengers across borders in 10 minutes or less.,,

Electric GT race series: The Electric GT World series will debut in 2017 and brings ten teams in 20 cars to the track. The teams will compete in Tesla Model S P85+ as base model, but every electric carmaker is welcome. Seven races in Europe, the United States, and Asia are planned.,,

Road range: A Scottish father-daughter team founded Tracked Electric Vehicle (TEV) that looks to charge electric cars via metal strips embedded in motorways. A test track will be constructed in 2017 at costs of 1.2-1.8m dollars per mile – that is less than the cost for traditional highways.

Electric Audi mini-series: These models build on a scale of 1:8 will compete in the Audi Autonomous Driving Cup. Eight student teams will steer their mini electric Q5 with software they wrote themselves.

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Most clicked link on Thursday was Norway’s National Transport Plan for 2018 – 2029, which says that all new cars, light utility vehicles and buses have to be electric by 2025.


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