Takahiro Hachigo, Richard Howard, Lance Bradley.

Takahiro-Hachigo“We think hydrogen, which is CO2-free, is the ultimate technology we should pursue.”

Honda is one of the few automakers putting hydrogen cars on the road, and CEO Takahiro Hachigo makes it clear that when it comes to infrastructure and hydrogen storage, it cannot do it alone. He predicts that the technology will be mass-market ready within ten years.

Richard-Howard“Instead of increasing diesel fuel duty or banning diesels from city centres, the government should look to increase taxes on new diesel cars and offer scrappage grants to take old polluting diesels off the road.”

Richard Howard is head of environment and energy of British think tank Policy Exchange, which called for a rise in road tax for new diesel cars in the UK. Existing diesel drivers should be exempt, as they bought their cars thinking they were doing the environment a favour – they in turn could benefit from a scrappage scheme.

Lance-Bradley“We never expected the grant to last forever, we just asked for a phased removal, and while this change has come quicker than we hoped, we expect to maintain momentum.”

Mitsubishi UK boss Lance Bradley is confident Outlander PHEV sales won’t suffer a long-term drop. Though government incentives will decrease by half this month, he expects buyers will continue to see the car’s advantages and be willing to pay the extra initial cost.


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