Toyohashi University of Technology, Tesla, AVL, Georgia Tech.

Road-powered-EVRoad-powered EV: Researchers at Japan’s Toyohashi University of Technology replaced the battery of an EV with special tires that draw energy from steel paths embedded in the road. The technology works similar to inductive charging and guarantees that energy never runs out. A first prototype has already gone for a test drive – but at very low speeds.

Short circuit to blame: A Tesla had caught fire while at a Supercharger in Norway in January. The isolated incident has finally been deemed the result of a short circuit in the EV’s distribution box. Due to the extensive damage, the exact cause of the short circuit cannot be determined, however. Meanwhile, Norwegian officials see no reason to keep the electric luxury cars off the road.

New battery tester: The E-storage BTE from Austrian consulting firm AVL is a battery tester and can be used to simulate electric motors and inverters fin an early developmental phase. The system is very small, and reduces required floor space by up to 25 percent, and may reduce battery lifecycle testing time by up to 20%.

Shibusa e-bike: Georgia Tech students have created a futuristic e-bike as part of a nine-week study project. The Shibusa is designed specifically to blend appeal and flexibility. It is available with electric-assist technology, or as an ordinary, human-powered bike. Components can easily be switched out thanks to a modular design – a first on the e-bike market.,


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