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H2 refuelling station production: H2 Logic is to purchase a factory in Danish Herning, where it will develop a large-scale production plant for hydrogen refuelling stations. Annual capacity is set at up to 300 hydrogen stations by 2017, enough to support 200,000 FCV for a year.
greencarcongress.com, businesswire.com

Crack down on e-bikes: 18,000 unregistered electric bikes and tricycles were seized by police in Shenzhen, China. The crackdown resulted in a breakdown of the delivery sector as most couriers use electric scooters. The city claims safety reasons and is to apply fines.

Hail all women: Pink electric rickshaws are available in Indian Ludhiana and reserved for women only, following New Delhi’s example. Driven by female drivers, the eleven electric tricycles aim to include people from underprivileged backgrounds, while providing a hassle-free transport option for ladies.

Rent a Tesla: Electric car rental company ecar-rent that operates in Germany and Austria has reserved ten Tesla Model 3. At the same time, the firm expects delivery of six Model X that will join the fleet of Model S, Renault Zoe and Mercedes B class ED.
ecar-rent.com (in German)

Park & Charge and Pay: Swedish ChargeStorm teams up with Cale Group to combine their offers of EV charging and parking solutions. The cooperation will result in a cloud solution that enables EV drivers to pay for both parking and charging the EV in one go.


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