Techrules, Posco, Groschopp, Navya Arma.

Techrules-TREVTech destination Europe: Chinese Techrules is looking to set up a production facility in the old world to build its promised TREV (Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle). While no European countries have been named yet, the company says it is working on a “shortlist.” Regardless of the final location, Techrules will launch the first supercar within the decade.,

Gearing up lithium production: South Korean Posco predicts rapid growth in demand for lithium due to the surging EV market. The steel manufacturer thus hurries to finish its lithium production plant by September and not in December, as initially planned. Annual production capacity is 2,500 tons of lithium, enough for about 60,000 EVs.

Joint e-drive development: German Groschopp presents a drive module developed within the ESKAM project, which stands for electric scalable axle drive modules. It is a joint initiative by seven German companies, three universities and a Fraunhofer Institute. The drive has no permanent magnets and develops up to 45 Nm., (articles in German)

Nuclear transport: Autonomous electric shuttle buses now transport EDF employees around the nuclear power plant in French Civaux. The six electric buses by Navya Arma will operate a 3 minute schedule and are hoped to increase productivity considerably. If they are charged using “clean” energy is debatable., (articles in French)

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Most clicked link on Monday was not yet another Tesla news, but that about a Chinese competitor. BAIC is building an electric supercar inspired by both the BMW i8 and the Californian EV maker.


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