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Testing Rasa: Riversimple will start beta-testing its compact fuel cell car later this year with members of the public driving it for 12 months. Investors are asked to support the initiative, especially as the British firm gears up for production of 3,500 units by 2018. The FCVs would be offered via leasing in areas with enough H2 infrastructure in place.

Next-gen Autopilot: Tesla intensifies developments of its self-driving technology. CEO Elon Musk just visited Israeli partner Mobileye to test the latest features himself. Meanwhile, back in California, the EV maker poached a whole team of chip architects from AMD.
globes.co.il (Israel), electrek.co (California)

3D laser triangulation: German Manz uses its metrology expertise for its laser welding equipment that detects exact welding points for EV battery cells using 3D laser triangulation. Precision is finer than 20 micrometers at 500 welds a minute, the company says.

3D e-bikes: ETT Industries presents two light electric vehicles, both sporting unusual laser-cut monocoque aluminium frames. The Raker is an electric scooter, whose 2000W motor can take it up to 45 kph. The Trayser is a pedelec with a motor that pedal-assists at up to 25 kph. Pre-orders can be placed and will be fulfilled as “Signature” edition. Some spare parts can be 3D-printed at home.
gizmag.com, 3ders.org, ettindustries.com

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