David Martell, Carlos Tavares, Stefan Bratzel.

David-Martell“As Japanese manufacturers, such as Nissan and Mitsubishi, use the alternative CHAdeMO standard for rapid charging, there is little likelihood of a single standard being practical across Europe in the next few years.”

Chargemaster CEO David Martell as he looks at the short-term future of EV charging in Europe. He doesn’t think that there actually needs to be a single charging standard, as petrol and diesel have also co-existed side by side.

Carlos-Tavares“We recognise that there is an electrification underway and by 2019 we will bring the PSA technology in petrol plug-in hybrids and the second-generation electric powertrain technology.”

PSA chief Carlos Tavares keeps up the tension as he drops yet another hint that the fancy DS E-Tense concept from Geneva could make it into production, especially since the electric drivetrain will first be made available in the company’s top of the range models.

Stefan-Bratzel“When you talk to European policymakers, the frustration is actually quite considerable. They won’t be as industry friendly as hoped, and this will translate to an escalated tightening of CO2 limits.”

Stefan Bratzel, director of the Center of Automotive Management in Germany, points out the mid-term consequences of Volkswagen’s diesel-rigging scandal. He believes that policymakers could easily move to a 75-78g/km target by 2025.


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