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Jul 11, 2016 - 08:57 am

Thomas Weber, Richard Branson, David Martell.

thomas-weber“Today the S-Class has an electric range of some 30 kilometres. Next year, as part of the facelift, we will attain a range of 50 kilometres for the first time. We are anticipating further leaps in range by the year 2020 thanks to the continued evolution of lithium-ion batteries.”

Thomas Weber, member of the Board of Management at Daimler AG, says they will be electrifying all Mercedes-Benz model series and that hybrids will also have a bright future at the company. The manufacturer will be putting ten plug-in hybrids on the road by 2017.

Richard-Branson“Fifteen years from now, I suspect every car on the road will be electric.”

Virgin boss Richard Branson believes that not only will the Formula E take over Formula 1, but that EVs will take over the car market.
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David-Martell“Chargemaster regards existing standards and regulations as adequate and the planned enforcement of new laws through AFID is unconstructive and likely to interfere with the deployment of public charging infrastructure.”

We quoted David Martell, head of Chargemaster, saying he hoped that with Brexit, the UK may no longer have to follow an EU directive and add CCS to new charging stations. He would like to add that the company’s chargers already feature all standards and that he is in favour of standardisation – but that restrictions imposed by the Alternative Fuel Directive could do more harm than good.
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Jul 7, 2016 - 08:21 am

David Martell, Martin Leach, Ki Sang Lee.

David-Martell“There’s no legislation that says an iPhone or whatever should have a certain type of plug, so why is that necessary for an EV? It doesn’t make sense.”

According to David Martell, head of British Chargemaster, the Brexit could have an impact on the UK’s charging infrastructure, as the country would no longer have to comply with EU norms and add CCS plugs. Let’s hope they won’t go down that road.

Update: Martell responds here

Martin-Leach“I do think, though, that if normal car companies were the internet at 1.0, then Tesla is probably 2.0 and does some really good things like over-the-air software updates, but what we’re trying to be is 3.0.”

Martin Leach, co-president of NextEV, has big plans for the Chinese company. And while he says NextEV will not go head to head with supercar makers like Ferrari, it is looking to revolutionize the car industry.

Ki-Sang-Lee“Toyota is well established in the UK and much of Europe when it comes to taxi services, we realise that. However, we think that by offering something slightly different we could benefit. For instance, using our pure-EV Ioniq in cities as taxis instead of the HEV – Toyota doesn’t currently offer a pure-EV Prius.”

Hyundai’s eco-car boss Ki Sang Lee makes it no secret that the South Korean carmaker wants a piece of Toyota’s taxis business. At the same time, Hyundai is asking cities to invest more in charging infrastructure.



Apr 7, 2016 - 08:42 am

David Martell, Carlos Tavares, Stefan Bratzel.

David-Martell“As Japanese manufacturers, such as Nissan and Mitsubishi, use the alternative CHAdeMO standard for rapid charging, there is little likelihood of a single standard being practical across Europe in the next few years.”

Chargemaster CEO David Martell as he looks at the short-term future of EV charging in Europe. He doesn’t think that there actually needs to be a single charging standard, as petrol and diesel have also co-existed side by side.

Carlos-Tavares“We recognise that there is an electrification underway and by 2019 we will bring the PSA technology in petrol plug-in hybrids and the second-generation electric powertrain technology.”

PSA chief Carlos Tavares keeps up the tension as he drops yet another hint that the fancy DS E-Tense concept from Geneva could make it into production, especially since the electric drivetrain will first be made available in the company’s top of the range models.

Stefan-Bratzel“When you talk to European policymakers, the frustration is actually quite considerable. They won’t be as industry friendly as hoped, and this will translate to an escalated tightening of CO2 limits.”

Stefan Bratzel, director of the Center of Automotive Management in Germany, points out the mid-term consequences of Volkswagen’s diesel-rigging scandal. He believes that policymakers could easily move to a 75-78g/km target by 2025.

Dec 18, 2015 - 07:47 am

David Martell, Bob Lutz, Stephan Winkelmann.

David-Martell“It means that many plug in hybrid vehicle drivers will simply not bother fitting a charger at home and run their cars on fossil fuel instead. To get the full benefit of owning an EV, a homecharger is vital.”

David Martell, CEO of Chargemaster, is not happy about the UK government’s decision to reduce the grant for the installation of home charging stations from 700 to 500 pounds. (Also see fleet news below.)

bob-lutz“I no longer have access to General Motors figures, but I would be surprised and shocked if the 200-mile electric Bolt is going to make money. You look at the cost per kilowatt hour of batteries and the number of kilowatt hours they have got in there and then you look at the selling price. It’s just not going to work.”

America’s EV pope Bob Lutz does not believe that GM is embarking on a profitable venture with its Bolt EV. GM figures like a retail price of 30,000 dollars and 145 USD/kWh speak another language. Lutz calls for joint EV development between carmakers instead of risking to lose profit or to raise prices of other models.

Stephan-Winkelmann“A Lamborghini has to be about noise, about excitement. For the time being we have our own strategy.”

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann admits that the upcoming Urus SUV might come with a hybrid engine but rejects such electrifying plans for the firm’s “super-sports cars” like the Huracán and Aventador — unless he is left with no choice.

Nov 25, 2015 - 09:12 am

Interview with David Martell from Chargemaster.

video-interview-martell-teaserBritish charger on the German Autobahn? David Martell from Chargemaster says it will happen “in the early part of next year,” as the company is now starting to ship units to Germany. That might explain why electrive.com Editor-in-Chief Peter Schwierz ran into Martell at an event in Munich. Chargemaster, the UK’s largest provider of EV charging infrastructure, wanted to “show off to (our) friends in Germany and the rest of Europe.” Watch the video interview to see how David Martell believes electric mobility and charging infrastructure will evolve in the [near] future!
electrive.com (video in best quality), youtube.com (mobile version)



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