Apr 8, 2016 - 08:30 am

Paul Willcox, Henrik Fisker, Nick Sampson.

Paul-Willcox“That’s good news. It’s an alliance car. We congratulate them on catching us. Renault is a bigger and more established brand [in Europe] than us. Our expectation is that combined with Renault we will be leaders of EV mobility in Europe.”

Nissan Europe Chairman Paul Willcox says that he is not sad about the Renault Zoe taking over as the most sold EV in Europe last year; a spot that had previously been occupied by the Nissan Leaf.

henrik-fisker“Tesla has defied everyone’s predictions again and again. It has such a unique position in the market and so far, whatever people think about Tesla and its business model, there is one fact that nobody can dispute: It pretty much has the market to itself.”

Henrik Fisker, the former CEO of Fisker Automotive, says that while he is not sure how Tesla plans to be profitable, it looks as though the EV maker is “sitting quite well in the market.” No new nor traditional carmaker has yet come out to challenge its position.

Nick-Sampson“It’s fantastic news. It opens people’s minds to the possibilities.”

Nick Sampson, head of the start-up Faraday Future, compliments the Tesla Model 3, saying that his company, too, is looking to build cars that excite the masses and push in “that same direction.”


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08.04.2016 08:50