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Oct 31, 2018 - 02:54 pm

Faraday Future “efficiently insolvent” says founder

The funds of Faraday Future are ultimately depleted and the EV startup “efficiently insolvent” founder Nick Sampson declared in an email to employees. Himself and senior product VP Peter Savagian have left the company and most workers have been sent on unpaid holiday.

Mar 14, 2017 - 10:43 am

Ian Robertson, Nick Sampson, Scott Pruitt.

ian-robertson“Looking at it rationally, the battery is probably the way to go. But we don’t quite know the answers yet.”

BMW’s global sales and marketing boss, Ian Robertson, would not choose battery-electric vehicles over fuel cells quite yet but made clear that BMW is looking into both technologies. He also defied the notion that lithium had reached its peak.

Nick-Sampson“Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but poor clones get it wrong because we are promoting individuality.”

Nick Sampson, Faraday Future Senior VP R&D and Engineering, took off at least one glove as he commented on Nio’s new Eve concept, which he sees as a “poor” copy. The pictures he posted to underline his point do speak for themselves though.
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Scott-Pruitt“Within 10 days they accelerated their decision to say those standards should be adopted and continued, and increased. So that’s something we are going to address very, very soon.”

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt said that he will rein in the agency’s fuel economy regulations for cars and light trucks in the very near future.

Jul 5, 2016 - 08:14 am

Oliver Blume, Nick Sampson, Arnaud Ribault.

Oliver-Blume“For me at this moment the plug-in versions are the best way to fulfill all the CO2 regulations but also our performance needs. We have the possibility to put in more power.”

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume would not share any details of the upcoming Porsche Panamera, but he insists the change to plug-in hybrid will not only boost efficiency but also performance.

Nick-Sampson“We are really against any hybrid technology that uses gasoline or diesel. We want to be pure electric – that’s our foundation, and that’s where we will stay. But there are a number of different ways to be pure electric, which we are actively exploring. Lithium-ion batteries aren’t the only solution.”

Nick Sampson, Faraday Future Senior VP R&D and Engineering, sees no place for ICE in the future of electric vehicles. Instead, he intends to keep FF technology open to other battery chemistry and systems.

Arnaud-Ribault“We would like to develop high-performance cars of hybrid and full-electric. This is the direction we are interested in – that’s why we created E-Tense.”

Sales and marketing boss at DS, Arnaud Ribault, says the brand’s electric E-Tense concept is a symbol of the brand’s intentions. He further noted that he not only liked the upcoming all-electric BMW i8, but would like to produce a rival vehicle.



Apr 8, 2016 - 08:30 am

Paul Willcox, Henrik Fisker, Nick Sampson.

Paul-Willcox“That’s good news. It’s an alliance car. We congratulate them on catching us. Renault is a bigger and more established brand [in Europe] than us. Our expectation is that combined with Renault we will be leaders of EV mobility in Europe.”

Nissan Europe Chairman Paul Willcox says that he is not sad about the Renault Zoe taking over as the most sold EV in Europe last year; a spot that had previously been occupied by the Nissan Leaf.

henrik-fisker“Tesla has defied everyone’s predictions again and again. It has such a unique position in the market and so far, whatever people think about Tesla and its business model, there is one fact that nobody can dispute: It pretty much has the market to itself.”

Henrik Fisker, the former CEO of Fisker Automotive, says that while he is not sure how Tesla plans to be profitable, it looks as though the EV maker is “sitting quite well in the market.” No new nor traditional carmaker has yet come out to challenge its position.

Nick-Sampson“It’s fantastic news. It opens people’s minds to the possibilities.”

Nick Sampson, head of the start-up Faraday Future, compliments the Tesla Model 3, saying that his company, too, is looking to build cars that excite the masses and push in “that same direction.”

Jan 6, 2016 - 10:27 am

Nick Sampson, Mark Reuss.

Nick-Sampson“Tesla and Elon Musk have created something we should all applaud them for.”

Nick Sampson, senior vice president at Faraday Future, says that while Tesla serves as a role model, the new start-up is looking to get its first EVs on the market much faster than Tesla did.

Mark-Reuss“If you are a slave to monthly sales, you will give up your long-term vision of what you think the future will be. And we did that [with the EV1]. We had the first electric car. And we didn’t follow it up. Think of where we would be today if we hadn’t done that. And I remind people who weren’t in the company or are younger. I say, we are not going to make the mistake again.”

As GM is gearing up to introduce the Chevy Bolt, Global Product Chief Mark Reuss remembers the EV1, which was introduced exactly 20 years ago. Judging by his words, GM is in the EV business for the long haul.

Nov 23, 2015 - 06:06 am

Nick Sampson, Uwe Ellinghaus, Charlie Freese.

Nick-Sampson“It’s Faraday and Tesla versus the entire motor industry. Why would I think that Tesla is a competitor?”

Nick Sampson, Senior Vice President of R&D and Engineering at Faraday Future, does not see Tesla as a competitor, but a like-minded carmaker. After all, Daimler and Ford did not consider the other the enemy when they both tried to “replace the horse.”

Uwe-Ellinghaus“And that’s why electro-mobility is no longer something you can build a brand upon. It’s not a differentiator, it’s an entry ticket into the luxury segment.”

Uwe Ellinghaus, Cadillac chief marketing officer, compares electric and hybrid drivetrains to the all-wheel drive, saying that every line-up need to have at least a plug-in variant, just like AWD needs to be an option for buyers.

Charles-Freese“Obviously we all have to work together, but the stations have to be available before the cars are there.”

Charlie Freese, executive director of fuel cell activities for General Motors, weighs in on the chicken-or the egg discussion concerning the future of the fuel cell market in California.


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