APWorks, Nissan, San Francisco, Hanyan University.

Light-RiderAirbus 3D prints motorcycle: Airbus subsidiary APWorks has created the first 3D printed motorcycle, the Light Rider. Weighing 77 pounds, it is 30 percent lighter than many e-motorcycles, and it is powered by a 6 kW electric motor. There is a limited production run of 50 Light Riders now available for pre-order.

Nissan collaborates in Beijing: The Nissan Joint Research Center for Intelligent Mobility opened at the Tsinghua University in Beijing to develop new electric vehicles and autonomous driver technologies for the Chinese market. Nissan and Tsinghua University have cooperated on several projects in the past decade, and this new programme will focus heavily on Chinese road networks.

San Francisco gets fuel cell funding: The U.S. Department of Energy is funding a 4.75m dollar project in San Francisco focused on increasing fuel cell vehicles and creating infrastructure. With 14 hydrogen-fuelling stations already planned, the programme will also focus on education and outreach, as well as analyses for charging systems, storage, and production.

Practical Li-ion from Korea: Together with BMW, researchers at Korean Hanyang University have developed a new Li-ion rechargeable battery that is said to combine high-energy-density and longevity. It uses a carbon-silicon compound anode and nickel-cobalt-manganese as cathode material.


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