Thomas Lieber, JB Straubel, Paul Willis.

Thomas-Lieber“There’s a competitor from Munich that can just about reach that … only theirs weighs 300 kg less.”

Thomas Lieber, VW brand’s head of complete vehicle development for electrified cars, is quite proud of the new e-Golf’s estimated range of 300 km and teases BMW and its i3.

Jeffrey-B-Straubel“It’s a wonderful problem to have… as we have more demand we can put our focus on production ramp-up, supplier ramp up. This is a challenge – not to understate that – but it’s a very high-class problem for us to have.”

Tesla CTO JB Straubel comments on the number of Model 3 reservations. And true, who has ever complained about being too successful? Let’s just hope the California EV maker can keep up and not become a victim of its own popularity.

Paul-Willis“The percentage of diesel will decline. It’s already happening. The first to be affected will be small cars.”

VW Group UK boss Paul Willis says that especially people with smaller vehicles will look at greener alternatives to diesel-powered cars, and that the market share of the latter will drop to as low as 30 percent on the Iles.


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