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Tesla’s recycling startup is expanded

Redwood Materials, the recycling startup founded by Tesla CTO JB Straubel, is expanding to Nevada. Possible connections to Tesla are rumoured once again, however no official statement has been released.

08.09.2016 - 08:05

Matthias Müller, Morgan Freeman, JB Straubel.

Matthias-Mueller“Elon Musk’s success is considerable – from zero to hero. I have great respect for such an achievement. And in general, we can learn a lot from the Silicon Valley companies.”

Volkswagen-Chef Matthias Müller pays his respect to the Tesla CEO and hopes to copy some of the methods of the Californian disruptors. (in German)

Morgan-Freeman“I own Tesla. I’m a huge fan of Elon Musk. I think he’s got the most incredibly forward thinking ideas about where we can go technologically.”

A strong testimony given by no one else than actor Morgan Freeman. He not only drives a Signature Series Model S but also owns shares of the company, which have lost 12 percent value in the last month.

Jeffrey-B-Straubel“We expect 10 maybe 15 year life at a minimum from these batteries.”

Tesla CTO JB Straubel refers to battery life of Tesla power packs. It is not entirely clear however if he speaks of cycling or ageing or both.

04.08.2016 - 08:00

Skelton Technologies, ExxonMobil, JB Straubel, aluminium-air batteries.

Graphene ultracapacitors ready to launch: Skeleton Technologies has collected 13m euros in a new funding round, which it will use to bring its graphene ultracapacitors to the mass market. It is also looking to find a new client base, namely in Asia, as well as set up a production facility near the German city of Dresden from 2017.

Exxon goes new ways: Oil company ExxonMobil will invest 15m dollars in a joint research initiative with the University of Texas Austin. It will i.e. study integrating renewable energy sources in the energy mix, as well as battery technologies and grid modelling.

Tesla CTO stray: Co-founder and CTO JB Straubel has invested in start-up Axiom Energy, which makes energy storage for cooling systems. He says, he “likes batteries more than he likes cars” anyways. Or is this an indication about what the Masterplan, Part Trois will look like? Ok, probably not.,

Stable aluminium-air batteries: A research team from Russia and Israel says it was able to improve the performance of aluminium-air batteries significantly by adding flax straw extract to the alkaline solution. It is said to inhibit the corrosion of the aluminium anodes.


01.06.2016 - 08:46

Thomas Lieber, JB Straubel, Paul Willis.

Thomas-Lieber“There’s a competitor from Munich that can just about reach that … only theirs weighs 300 kg less.”

Thomas Lieber, VW brand’s head of complete vehicle development for electrified cars, is quite proud of the new e-Golf’s estimated range of 300 km and teases BMW and its i3.

Jeffrey-B-Straubel“It’s a wonderful problem to have… as we have more demand we can put our focus on production ramp-up, supplier ramp up. This is a challenge – not to understate that – but it’s a very high-class problem for us to have.”

Tesla CTO JB Straubel comments on the number of Model 3 reservations. And true, who has ever complained about being too successful? Let’s just hope the California EV maker can keep up and not become a victim of its own popularity.

Paul-Willis“The percentage of diesel will decline. It’s already happening. The first to be affected will be small cars.”

VW Group UK boss Paul Willis says that especially people with smaller vehicles will look at greener alternatives to diesel-powered cars, and that the market share of the latter will drop to as low as 30 percent on the Iles.

09.05.2016 - 09:22

JB Straubel, Martin Leach, Ben Scott.

Jeffrey-B-Straubel“We’ve accelerated some of our plans there. And we’re still on track to have first cell production starting at the end of this year so that we’ll be able to ramp up to match the Model 3 schedule as well.”

Tesla’s Chief Technology Officer, JB Straubel, talks about the Gigafactory. Though most of the interior is still under construction, production lines will be up and running to support the increased demand for batteries once the Model 3 goes into production.

Martin-Leach“We’re not trying to be a niche company. Our products for the larger consumer market will be mainstream products with a premium feel, and we’ll have something towards the end of 2017.”

Martin Leach, co-president of NextEV, gives us a glimpse of what is still to come. The EV start-up planning to launch a mainstream vehicle that could get further than a Tesla on a single charge.

Ben-Scott“This could be a ‘now or never’ situation for FCEVs in mass market mobility.”

Ben Scott, senior analyst at IHS Automotive, suggests that if fuel cells don’t move past the early adopter phase in the next 20 to 25 years, they will likely never become mainstream.

30.11.2015 - 09:16

Tony Whitehorn, Scott Keogh, JB Straubel.

Tony-Whitehorn“I see electric vehicles, hybrids and plug-in hybrids as a way of bridging the gap between the internal combustion engine and pure fuel cell technology.”

Tony Whitehorn, president and CEO of Hyundai UK, believes the automobile market will change completely over the next five years. Whether the EV “bridge” will have to hold that or a little longer remains to be seen. Whitehorn says projections show that by 2030, some 300,000 FCVs will be sold in the UK annually.

Scott-Keogh“I think we have to give Tesla credit where it’s deserved.”

Audi of America president Scott Keogh is open to a different sales concept for electric vehicles. While there was no confirmation that Audi will open up EV stores, he acknowledges that Tesla’s methods seem to work, while traditional dealerships have trouble selling electric cars.

Jeffrey-B-Straubel“The pace of innovation does seem to be accelerating. We’re kind of right at the tipping point where the current performance and lifetime of batteries roughly equal that of fossil fuels. If you are able to double that, the prospects are huge.”

Tesla CTO JB Straubel explains how Tesla is not only helping climate change by pushing electric cars, but also battery development by offering energy storage solutions for homes, which enable owners to store renewable energy and use it when needed.


20.11.2015 - 08:42

Scott Keogh, Masamichi Kogai, JB Straubel.

Scott-Keogh“Audi’s not a half-measure brand. When we go in, we like to do things right.”

Audi of America president Scott Keogh has high hopes for the production car that will come out of the e-tron quattro concept. He believes it to become not only the “most reasonably priced” but also a “hot” electric SUV.

Masamichi-Kogai“We understand that we need to meet that regulation, and we are doing some research and working on the electrification of our vehicles. For the Japanese market, we have produced an electric vehicle. For hybrid systems, we have a license from Toyota and are continuing research in that area.”

Mazda President and CEO Masamichi Kogai goes so far as to say that the company is considering more electric and hybrid solutions. He also mentions a rotary engine that can “switch” between hydrogen and gasoline.

Jeffrey-B-Straubel“We are still a relatively small company, and we need to be careful. As we expand into each new country and each new region, customers have very positive experience. We don’t want to damage the brand by growing too quickly and not having enough infrastructure, service and support.”

Tesla-CTO JB Straubel here comments on the manufacturer’s possible expansion into Korea. While the Californian EV maker sees it as an important market in the future, a date for the move has not been set yet.

17.11.2015 - 09:07

Herbert Diess, Christopher Grundler, JB Straubel.

Herbert-Diess“In my opinion, we need battery manufacturing in Germany. It is the core technology of electric mobility.”

VW brand CEO Herbert Diess would like to see cell production in Germany to be build up as a concerted effort of the German car industry. Apparently, the sector is already discussing the idea on a political level as well. (in German)

Christopher-Grundler-EPA“We are very anxious to find out if there are any other programs out there.”

Says Christopher Grundler of the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA intends to increase its on-road emission testing of diesel cars significantly and without giving carmakers any details, as it hopes to catch other cheats still out there.

Jeffrey-B-Straubel“From the first concept of this factory, we wanted to make it a net-zero facility. So, you know, the most visible thing we are doing is covering the entire site with solar power.”

Tesla CTO JB Straubel here talks about the Gigafactory, which is planned to emit zero emissions. All of a sudden, the desert location in Nevada makes total sense. Solar power is only one of many environmental measures. Others i.e. include a heat pump.

25.09.2015 - 08:28

JB Straubel, Arshad Mansoor, Mark Preston.

Jeffrey-B-Straubel“The true measures for any performance EV driver are acceleration times and driving performance of the vehicle.

Tesla CTO JB Straubel has written a noteworthy blog post in which he explains how Tesla measured its performance data for the Model S P85D., (blog post)

Arshad-Mansoor“Customers will never actively be managing their demand. That’s where the technology comes into play – understanding a building’s load profile, and charging and discharging storage at the right times to actively manage that building’s demand. That’s an active algorithmic challenge.”

EPRI’s Senior Vice President of Research and Development Arshad Mansoor talks about peak load and the challenges smart grid technology faces.

Mark-Preston“This kind of event is certainly a catalyst for change.”

Mark Preston, Aguri Formula E team principle and former McLaren Formula 1 designer hopes that the VW diesel scandal will lead to a quick transformation of transport to being electric. He says, it is for regulators and politicians to (re)act.

11.02.2014 - 09:22

WAVE Rally 2014, Q&A with Elon Musk and JB Straubel in Oslo.

Event tip: The ‘World Advanced Vehicle Expedition’ or WAVE Rally 2014 is said to be even bigger than last year’s event. With 305 electric cars rolling through Zurich and setting an official Guinness record last year, we wonder how big it will get this time. (Video of WAVE 2013) via

Video tip: Almost two weeks ago Tesla’s Elon Musk and JT Straubel were travelling Europe (we reported) to talk directly to customers and reveal more details of Model S leasing and supercharging. Follow the link to watch a recording of their ‘gig’ in Oslo, Europe’s unofficial EV capital. (Video) via

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