EVERLASTING, Pen Test, battery recycling, Hyperloop.

Everlasting batteries: EVERLASTING stands for EV Enhanced Range, Lifetime and Safety Through INGenious battery management and is the latest Horizon 2020 project. The EU will spend 8.2m euros over four years to finance the development of battery management systems (BMS) designed to optimise thermal management, power density, and durability. The consortium is led by Swiss Lion E-Mobility AG.
globenewswire.com, ec.europa.eu (project)

Hybrid hacked: The Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid’s alarm can be turned off easily, IT security expert Pen Test Partners finds. Hackers could (virtually) enter the car via the on-board w-lan and even drain the battery. Mitsubishi recommended that drivers disable the wi-fi while it tries the findings.
bbc.com, pentestpartners.com (with video)

100% recovery: Finnish scientists managed to recycle crucial metals from battery waste with nearly 100 percent purity. With a so-called liquid-liquid extraction, they recovered lithium at 99.9% purity, cobalt at 99.6%, and nickel at 99.7% thus making the metals suitable for new power packs.
thestatesman.com, lut.fi

Russia on Hyperloop: The vast country considers to build a Hyperloop-like transport system à la Elon Musk. A first track could connect Moscow and St. Petersburg and Hyperloop One is in talks with the national railway company. Private investor Gordon Atlantic also backs the 13bn dollar project.


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