Jun 7, 2016 - 04:17 pm

Interview: Claas Bracklo, BMW + Charging Interface Initiative.

What does the future of charging look like? Claas Bracklo has a very clear vision: He is head of electric mobility at BMW and CEO of the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIn). But what’s behind this association that set out to install EV charging solutions using the Combined Charging System (CCS)? electrive.com’s Carla Westerheide asked the man himself at the Hannover Trade Fair 2016. “CCS is a holistic system approach,” he said right at the beginning of the interview. Translation: one plug fits all and does everything from “slow charging” (i.e.3 kW AC) to “super fast-charging” with 350 kW DC. Customers therefore don’t have to worry about a station’s charging capacity and can be certain that they have a place to charge. That is what makes CharIn’s approach “holistic” and gives it a claer advantage over other systems, says Bracklo. The initiative has also gotten a lot of attention from abroad recently, with both Chargepoint and Tesla joining earlier this year. “The games are open,” he says about (or almost to) the newest member from the United States. Does that mean the new Tesla will come with a CCS adaptor or will CCS-able cars be one day able to plug in at the Supercharger? And what about the CCS competitor from Japan – will one triumph over the other? You better see for yourself what the EV charging expert had to say. Fact is: whoever is in charge of the future of EV infrastructure in Europe should definitely not miss this interview!

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